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Using Exotic Wood with Cutting Board and Cheese Slicer Gift Set

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1-bdwinecheese-450.jpgExotic can be defined as nonnative or foreign. Exotic is also used to describe something striking, colorful, or flamboyant. Exotic hardwoods are strikingly colorful and most are not native to the continental United States. 

I work with exotics everyday as I design and construct our wood products. I try to combine the most interesting colors with the distinctive grain woods. Colorful exotic hardwoods such as Purple Heart (deep purple), Bloodwood and Padauk (rich red), and Wenge (black) are just three of the most common. Exotic hardwoods with distinct grains are Sapele and Mahogany. 

For our current promotion, I have combined domestic hardwoods, light and dark Walnut and Hard Maple with Bloodwood to create a 17 by 12 by 1 5/8 inch cutting board and a 9 1/2 by 5 3/4 by 7/8 inch cheese slicer. 

As with most things defined as exotic, be them fish, birds, etc., exotic hardwood is more expensive than their domestic counterparts. I believe you will find the 2-piece combination very affordable. Please visit Cutting Board Gift Set for promotion pricing and product specifications. As is our policy, shipping is always free. 

I discovered woodworking and it’s pleasures later in life, but have enjoyed a well written book for my entire life. My iBook library now exceeds more than 1000 volumes and includes action authors such as Thor, Flynn, Crais, Sanford and the works of biographers such as Maddie and McCullough. Here’s a review of my latest addition. 

I was and still am a Nelson DeMille fan, but his newest book, 'The Cuban Affair', was not worth the purchase price. In his author’s notes at the book’s end, he explains that he has left his longstanding publisher and joined a new one. He should go back! The book has very poor editing, lacks a plot, and the book’s main character, Mac, the charter boat captain, is no John Corey. 

On the other hand, I found Terry Hayes. The author of, 'I Am Pilgrim,' is a film producer and screenwriter and he has written a truly superb book. 'I am Pilgrim' is worth the money, and a sequel is expected next year. The newest star in my collection. 

I will try to offer a review of a new book with each column. 

My sincere thanks to Bonnie Leigh for hosting our first YouTube video. We plan to produce more videos featuring Bonnie Leigh, her music, and Casey the Standard Party Poodle. 

See you in few weeks.......... g

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