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Why We Use Big Commerce for our Online Store

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Before we found Big Commerce, we had tried two other eCommerce platforms for our Woodcraft By G store.  The first one (Company A) was easy to use, very basic, free and lacked features.  We decided that free wasn't necessarily good.

So, when we saw another company (Company B) that was advertising on TV and in some PC magazines, we decided to try that one.  It was a bit expensive, but seemed to have many of the features we were looking for.  However, building on their platform was extremely difficult and not intuitive.  Their customer service was seldom available except through email.  When we did reach someone in customer service, the technicians were from a call center in India and gave canned responses rather than addressing the actual problem.  We had problem after problem and it took months before we actually were able to function in the manner we wanted.  Some problems were never actually fixed, so we decided to live with them and started looking again.

Then, we found Big Commerce!  That was our lucky day!  We researched reviews, we went all through the list of available features and decided to call to check out their customer service.  What a huge difference!  First of all, they are located right here in the U.S., and addressed all of our questions with ease, confidence and professionalism.  We were so IMPRESSED!

We decided to set up our store on the free trial basis and see how everything worked.  It was so much easier than the previous company, and loaded with features.  Whenever we had a question, we could either call a technician or use the chat feature.  Both methods worked extremely well and our questions were always answered in a positive manner.  

There are so many themes to choose from and we liked the fact that they are responsive which means they will show well on a PC, laptop and mobile phone.  You really need that in today's market as so many people are now purchasing directly from their phone.  There is a feature to see what your store will look like with each of these themes - so fun!  We really liked being able to see how a theme will look before making a decision.

Big Commerce offers over 30 different payment gateways including PayPal, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay.  There is always help whenever it is needed to set up any part of the store you don't understand. Have it your way - sell internationally or only in the USA.  With Big Commerce - the choice is yours.

Big Commerce has set up the product page entry and content areas so they are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly which is very important.  Why is this important?  It helps tremendously with your web site ranking and traffic. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

You want Apps?  They've got Apps!  Lots of them!  Free and paid, so you really get a large variety to choose from. For example, they offer direct connections to email applications like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact.  When someone signs up for a newsletter in your store, it goes directly to the email marketing account you have set up.  Very nice!  Or, if you aren't setup for email marketing, the customer information is available if you choose to use it at a later time.  You will be able to see who signed up and who didn't.

Another feature that is very popular in the marketplace is being able to sell on FaceBook, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon and Square POS.  You can do that through your store which can be easily integrated so all orders from these outside channels process right through your store.  And with the real time analytics, you can see what works and what needs work.  This is all available with the basic store.

Big Commerce stays in touch with their customers holding monthly town halls to keep you informed of the new features being added and those coming in the future.  For example, we now have the availability to make our entire store HTTPS which means that all pages are safely encrypted, not just the check out page. We love this!  

Needless to say, we love Big Commerce and highly recommend it to everyone.  The pricing is extremely fair and definitely worth it.  It is set up in levels, so as you grow, Big Commerce grows with you, and they don't take a percentage of your sales like other companies do.  Our traffic is growing, and since we do a lot of personalization on our products, we are receiving many orders by phone and email as well as the web site.



Why not try take the trial which is free and see what Big Commerce can do for you?  Take the plunge and watch your business grow!  Did we mention we LOVE Big Commerce?  www.Woodcraftbyg.com

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