7 Safety Tips for Woodworkers

7 Safety Tips for Woodworkers

Sep 9th 2016

7 Safety Tips for Beginner Woodworkers

Safety first! Whether you’re cutting a piece of wood, sanding or just using a power tool, there are important basic safety rules that are a must. 

1.  Hearing Protection – Working in the shop can be very noisy at times. Be sure to wear good noise-suppression hearing protectors when using a saw, router, planer or sander along with safety glasses and breathing mask.

2.  Check Your Clothing – The key is not to wear any type of clothing that can get caught up in a machine. This is especially true with the table saw. Loose sleeves, hanging jewelry, watches and even rings can be a hazard and get caught in a machine.

3.  Wear Gloves – When working with coatings, paints or stains, be sure to wear gloves. Good fitting surgical gloves can be found at most hardware stores and purchased by the box.

4.  Keep Equipment in Top Shape – Be sure your blades and bits are sharpened regularly and equipment cleaned and well maintained. Don’t forget to unplug your equipment when changing blades or bits. And be sure everything is turned off at the end of your work day.

5.  Absolutely No Drugs or Alcohol – The workshop is definitely NOT the place for getting intoxicated! Too many accidents can occur if you aren’t focused while working with machines and power tools.

6.  First Aid Kit - Everyone should have a first aid kit in their shop for emergencies.

7.  Fire Extinguisher - One last tip is to keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a fire in your shop.

~ Work smart! Work safe! ~