Bread Board Sapele

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Bread Board made of exotic Sapele wood from Africa.  Once solid piece of beautiful wood!  No veneers or stains are used. Coated with a salad bowl finish to bring out the beautiful grain in the wood.  So unique, you'll want to bring it to the table and cut individual pieces of bread while you dine.  Also can be used as a Cheese Board or small Cutting Board.  All of our boards are made from hard wood, so no worries!  See CARE OF WOOD for easy care instructions on cleaning and caring for this wood.  We can also cut in the dipping hole which allows you to place a container right in the hole for dipping oils, soft butter or soft cheese.  Each board is unique, so grains will vary.  Please CONTACT US if you want the dipping hole cut in to the board at no extra charge.  Size: 14"L x 6.75"W x 7/8" thick

Made in USA