Care of Wood Products



 Our handcrafted wood products are finished with an FDA approved, food safe finish.  To clean, simply wipe down with a mild soap and hot water after  use and wipe dry immediately.  Do not use harsh abrasives on your wood products.  Using bleach or hydrogen peroxide is NOT recommended.  If your  board or slicer needs a little brightening after lots of use, wipe on a very light coat of mineral oil that can be purchased at any grocery store.  We do not  recommend any other type of oil such as cooking oil as it will turn rancid.  Also, do not let your board soak in water as it may cause it to warp.  The key is  to wash and dry it right after use.  

 How to Restore Your Board

 If your well used cutting board came with the salad bowl finish and has many knife cuts, you can restore it back to the original form quite easily.  Simply use very light sandpaper and sand across the surface, and  then wipe on a very light coat of food safe Poly with a paper towel.  Your board will  look just like new!  

 If you purchased one of our boards that was left in its natural state with only a mineral oil finish, you can simply add a light coat of mineral oil after a light sanding.  We use the highest quality hardwoods, so don't be afraid to sand your board down a little if you think it needs it.

 How to Remove Stains

If you wash your board immediately after use, you will eliminate the chance of getting most stains.  However, sometimes they can occur.  Sprinkle the stain with a little Kosher salt and rub with a lemon that has been cut in half.  This should remove the stain, cleanse the board and leave it smelling fresh again.  Rinse off and wipe dry.  Then, rub in some mineral oil which brings the board back to life and protects it from allowing bacteria to get in.  Boards do eventually discolor with age, but you can sand much of that out making your board look like new again.

Can I Cut Raw Meat, Chicken or Fish on My Wooden Cutting Board?

Our experts say yes!  The key is to be sure to clean your board by wiping it down with hot soapy water right after using and wipe it dry.  With proper care, your board will last for many, many years.  Some people have more than one board to use for different tasks:  Cutting raw meat on one, and cutting and preparing vegetables on another.  It's a personal preference.  Cutting boards are tools and come in many shapes and sizes for all types of use.

How to Disinfect Your Cutting Board

Disinfecting your board can be accomplished using the salt and lemon as mentioned above, or by spraying a light coat of white vinegar on the board, then wiping it dry immediately.  We prefer the salt and lemon which also leaves your board smelling fresh again.