Casey's Corner


Welcome to Casey's Corner!

I am a Standard Parti Poodle and live with Mr. G. and Bonnie Leigh in Jamestown, NC.  I kept telling them that I really am a movie star since I was bred at Sisco's Distinctive Poodles in California.  Some of my Standard Poodle relatives are in movies, TV ads, fashion shows and magazines.  I had my first movie debut in a video about cutting boards.  I plan on doing more in the future, so stay tuned.

Did you know that Standard Poodles aren't just foo, foo dogs?  Our breed is extremely versatile.  Some people refer to us as French Poodles, but we actually originated in Germany.  The word for Poodle in German translates to "puddler" and we were used as water retrievers.  The cut that shows round poms on the hips and hind joints with a short cut body was actually to help keep our joints warm when retrieving in cold water, while the short haircut kept us sleek and able to move through the water quickly.  Standard Poodles have been used as sentry dogs in the military, sheep herding dogs, therapy dogs, field and trial dogs, and we're great in agility.  We also have a very keen sense of smell which makes us good for nose work.  We can be kept in a very full coat or striped down short for working.  We are highly intelligent, learn quickly and figure out our humans in no time at all.  We do our best to train our humans, but sometimes, that gets us into trouble!

We welcome all breeds of our pet friends, so if you have a photo you would like to submit of your special pet, please feel free to send us your photo and we will be happy to consider posting in our Casey's Friends page.  Don't forget to also tell us a little bit about him/her so we can share.

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