Casey's Friends


This is me, Casey, on the left and my best friend, Kylie, on the right.  We are both Standard Parti Poodles and work very hard at managing our human parents.  It's a big job, but somebody has to do it.  I was born in California and my sister, Kylie, was born in Canada.  We are very playful and give lots of love to our humans.  Though I am older and bigger, Kylie thinks that she is actually the boss.  She says it's because she is a girl and is more practical.  Maybe!  We are both trained in obedience and do our best to behave.  Sometimes, we do have our moments.  I seem to have a fetish for paper and steal paper out of the office trash bin if no one is looking.  And Kylie agrees, she thinks this is lots of fun to make one big piece into lots of little pieces.  I am absolutely the treasure hunter in this family! 

Treats and balls are our passion and we will do just about anything for either one.  By the way, I do have a favorite treat recipe.  Head over to Treat Recipes page and make some today!  Home made is best because we know what's in there and there are no chemicals or bad stuff used in the ingredients that can hurt us.  We are always looking for new ideas, so send yours and it might get posted!

If you would like to become a friend, send us your name and your human's name along with any fun information about you using our Contact Us form.  When accepted, we'll post your photo and information on our friends page.  Lots of fun and we'll get to know each other.  Don't forget to spread the word!

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