Human Foods Dogs Can and Can't Eat

We love our pets and they are great at asking us for a taste of whatever it is we are eating as well.  Below is a quick view chart that shows what human foods are safe to give our pets and which ones we should not feed to them:




Another excellent reference for foods good and bad is found on the AKC Org website.  Reivew HERE.

Fruits and Vegetables that a dog Can and CANNOT eat with more detail from AKC Org


In addition, some other items that are OK to feed in general:

Fruits and Berries

Watermellon - Remove the Seeds

Strawberries - Only fresh


Other items we should NOT feed our pet:


Candy and Gum


Baked Goods

Diet Foods which may be sweetened with Xylitol which may cause seizures and liver failure.

Do not feed cooked bones as cooking makes them become brittle and they could splinter.

Persimmons and Plumbs due to the pit.  Also, if feeding Peaches, beware of the pit.


We want your pet to be safe, so if in doubt, research through the AKC links above.





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