High Point Furniture Market

hpmktbanner-300.jpg                     Woodcraft goes Big Time at the High Point Furniture Market!  


This is their first time participating at this particular show that runs for five days and is extremely well run and organized. This show is strictly for buyers, designers, vendors and industry personnel.  With the influx of people from worldwide industry, Woodcraft by G gained substantial recognition meeting new customers for its growing business.  Mr. G. says, "2015 has been a great year for our business, but I believe that we will grow substantially in 2016 with the new contacts we have made at this show." 

Woodcraft by G handcrafts all of its products, thus all items are Made in the USA, only using the highest quality domestic and exotic hardwood.  Products can be personalized by carving out letters or images and back filled with food safe color.  No veneers or stains are used on the wood which shows its natural color using mineral oil to 'pop' the color of the wood. Corporate logos and gifts available.

Currently, products are shipped and sold within the Continental United States with Free Ground Shipping!  Items from Woodcraft by G can be found at some retail stores, at their upcoming shows, and on their website - www.woodcraftbyg.com.

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Photos from Market -

Location - Suites At Market Square - High Point, NC

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