Horse Head Wall Art

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The call of the wild is portrayed in this magnificent piece of wooden wall art featuring a majestic Horse Head.  First, the image is carved into the piece of wood, then filled with liquid color to make this wall hanging a stunning piece of art.  The horse is carved on Hard Maple and framed in exotic Bloodwood from Africa.  This piece is for wall hanging only and is not treated for use with food.  For horse lovers everywhere!  If you wish to use with food, please CONTACT US, and we will treat the surface with a salad bowl finish making it suitable to use with food at no additional charge. This item can also be personalized with a person's name or initials.  The frame can also be done in a dark wood such as Walnut instead of the Bloodwood.  Please specify if you want to customize this piece of art.  

Size: 17"L x 16"W x 1.75" thick.  

Made in USA.