Peppermill Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Modern and antique come together with this exquisite Peppermill.  The mill is made of oil rubbed bronze metal and is attached to the wooden platform made of Hickory with a Bloodwood accent.  The wooden platform makes it easier to hold in your hand while grinding the pepper.  This item can be made with any of our hardwoods.  If you would like a salt grinder mill as well as a pepper grinder mill, please let us know and we can carve an "S" and a "P" on the wood base for convenience. (See CUSTOM LETTERING). Rustic and elegance all wrapped into one!  Size: 2.5"L x 2.5"W x 8"High.  Please Contact Us for a different choice of wood or custom design/  See CARE for easy care of the wood.

Wood Made in USA