Stunning, Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks made of our beautiful domestic and exotic wood.  Each board is crafted one-at-a time and is unique and different from the other.  The boards are sanded many times, oiled with mineral oil to bring out the natural grain and finished with a food safe salad bowl finish.  The boards have a very smooth and velvety feel.  Why use a plastic board that's loaded with chemicals when you can have a beautiful, natural wood Cutting Board that will last for a lifetime and more.  You will notice, all of the top chefs use wood Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks. (See "Chef Hollie Wins Competition!")

There are many articles supporting different views on cutting board types, but wouldn't you rather give a beautiful wood Cutting Board as a gift for a wedding, anniversary or any other occasion rather than a plastic board made in a lab with toxic chemicals, formaldehyde and resins? It doesn't take much at all to care for our boards to keep them looking beautiful and clean. Click CARE OF WOOD to learn more about the easy care of our wood products.

Made in the USA